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/* $Id: utils.h,v 1.47 2005/01/27 22:15:17 rikster5 Exp $ */

 * utils.h
 * A module of J-Pilot http://jpilot.org
 * Copyright (C) 1999-2002 by Judd Montgomery
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

#ifndef __UTILS_H__
#define __UTILS_H__

#include <time.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <pi-datebook.h>
#include <pi-address.h>
#include <pi-todo.h>
#include <pi-memo.h>
#include <pi-file.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#include "libplugin.h"
#include "japanese.h"
#include "cp1250.h"
#include "russian.h"

#define PRINT_FILE_LINE printf("%s line %d\n", __FILE__, __LINE__)

#define PN "CoPilot"
#define PN "J-Pilot"

#define EPN "copilot"
#define EPN "jpilot"

#define     FPI_STRING  "-//Judd Montgomery//NONSGML "PN" "VERSION"//EN"

/*This is how often the clock updates in milliseconds */
#define CLOCK_TICK 1000

#define CATEGORY_ALL 300


 *          JPA define the maximum length of a category name
 *             when expressed in Pilot character set (assuming 15
 *             character plus a delimiter) or in host character
 *             set (might be 50 or more if UTF-8).
 *         Note : host length is temporarily kept as 16 until all
 *             consequences are identified. In the meantime category
 *             names may be (hopefully safely) truncated.

#define HOSTCATLTH 16
#define PILOTCATLTH 16
#define CATCOUNT 16 /* number of categories */

/*Used to mark the entry in the clist to add a record */
/* FIXME: Move to libplugin */
#define CLIST_MIN_DATA 199

#define DIALOG_SAID_1           454
#define DIALOG_SAID_PRINT       454
#define DIALOG_SAID_FOURTH      454
#define DIALOG_SAID_CURRENT     454
#define DIALOG_SAID_2           455
#define DIALOG_SAID_LAST        455
#define DIALOG_SAID_ALL         455
#define DIALOG_SAID_3           456
#define DIALOG_SAID_CANCEL      456
/* Import dialog */

#define CAL_DONE   100
#define CAL_CANCEL 101

#define PIXMAP_NOTE          100
#define PIXMAP_ALARM         101
#define PIXMAP_BOX_CHECK     102
#define PIXMAP_BOX_CHECKED   103
#define PIXMAP_FLOAT_CHECK   104

#define SORT_ASCENDING       100
#define SORT_DESCENDING      101

/* Import defines */
#define MAX_IMPORT_TYPES     10 /* Must be more than the following types */
#define IMPORT_TYPE_TEXT    100
#define IMPORT_TYPE_DAT     101
#define IMPORT_TYPE_CSV     102
#define IMPORT_TYPE_XML     103

/* Export defines */
#define EXPORT_TYPE_TEXT      100
#define EXPORT_TYPE_DAT       101
#define EXPORT_TYPE_CSV       102
#define EXPORT_TYPE_XML       103
#define EXPORT_TYPE_VCARD     104
#define EXPORT_TYPE_LDIF      106

/* Dat file types */
#define DAT_DATEBOOK_FILE    10
#define DAT_ADDRESS_FILE     11
#define DAT_TODO_FILE        12
#define DAT_MEMO_FILE        13

extern unsigned int glob_find_id;

typedef enum {
   DATEBOOK = 100L,
} AppType;

typedef struct {
   PCRecType rt;
   unsigned int unique_id;
   unsigned char attrib;
   struct Appointment appt;
} MyAppointment;

typedef struct AppointmentList_s {
   AppType app_type;
   struct AppointmentList_s *next;
   MyAppointment mappt;
} AppointmentList;

typedef struct {
   PCRecType rt;
   unsigned int unique_id;
   unsigned char attrib;
   struct Address addr;
} MyAddress;

typedef struct AddressList_s {
   AppType app_type;
   struct AddressList_s *next;
   MyAddress maddr;
} AddressList;

typedef struct {
   PCRecType rt;
   unsigned int unique_id;
   unsigned char attrib;
   struct ToDo todo;
} MyToDo;

typedef struct ToDoList_s {
   AppType app_type;
   struct ToDoList_s *next;
   MyToDo mtodo;
} ToDoList;

typedef struct {
   PCRecType rt;
   unsigned int unique_id;
   unsigned char attrib;
   struct Memo memo;
} MyMemo;

typedef struct MemoList_s {
   AppType app_type;
   struct MemoList_s *next;
   MyMemo mmemo;
} MemoList;

struct search_record
   AppType app_type;
   int plugin_flag;
   unsigned int unique_id;
   struct search_record *next;

struct sorted_cats
   char *Pcat;
   int cat_num;

 * Returns usgae string that needs to be freed by the caller
void fprint_usage_string(FILE *out);

int cat_compare(const void *v1, const void *v2);

gint timeout_date(gpointer data);

int get_pixmaps(GtkWidget *widget,
            int which_one,
            GdkPixmap **out_pixmap,
            GdkBitmap **out_mask);

 * This is a hack to add pixmaps in column titles.
 * Its a hack because it assumes things about GTK that are not exposed.
int hack_clist_set_column_title_pixmap(GtkWidget *clist,
                               int column,
                               GtkWidget *pixmapwid);

int check_hidden_dir();

int read_gtkrc_file();

int get_home_file_name(char *file, char *full_name, int max_size);

FILE *jp_open_home_file(char *filename, char *mode);

int raw_header_to_header(RawDBHeader *rdbh, DBHeader *dbh);

int find_next_offset(mem_rec_header *mem_rh, long fpos,
                 unsigned int *next_offset,
                 unsigned char *attrib, unsigned int *unique_id);

/*The VP is a pointer to MyAddress, MyAppointment, etc. */
int delete_pc_record(AppType app_type, void *VP, int flag);
int undelete_pc_record(AppType app_type, void *VP, int flag);

void get_month_info(int month, int day, int year, int *dow, int *ndim);

time_t pilot_time_to_unix_time (unsigned long raw_time);

unsigned long unix_time_to_pilot_time (time_t t);

unsigned int bytes_to_bin(unsigned char *bytes, unsigned int num_bytes);

void free_mem_rec_header(mem_rec_header **mem_rh);

void print_string(char *str, int len);

int get_app_info(char *DB_name, unsigned char **buf, int *buf_size);

int cleanup_pc_files();

int setup_sync(unsigned int flags);

/* Found in jpilot.c */
void cb_sync(GtkWidget *widget, unsigned int flags);
void get_compile_options(char *string, int len);

int dialog_generic_with_text(GtkWindow *main_window,
                       int w, int h,
                       char *title, char *frame_text,
                       char *text, int nob, char *button_text[],
                       int with_text);

/* Returns the number of the button that was pressed */
int dialog_generic(GtkWindow *main_window,
               int w, int h,
               char *title, char *frame_text,
               char *text, int nob, char *button_text[]);

 * Widget must be some widget used to get the main window from.
 * The main window passed in would be fastest.
 * This just calls dialog_generic with an OK button.
int dialog_generic_ok(GtkWidget *widget,
                  char *title, char *frame_text, char *text);

 * Widget must be some widget used to get the main window from.
 * The main window passed in would be fastest.
 * changed is MODIFY_FLAG, or NEW_FLAG
int dialog_save_changed_record(GtkWidget *widget, int changed);

/* mon 0-11
 * day 1-31
 * year (year - 1900)
 * This function will bring up the cal at mon, day, year
 * After a new date is selected it will return mon, day, year
int cal_dialog(GtkWindow *main_window,
             const char *title, int monday_is_fdow,
             int *mon, int *day, int *year);

void set_bg_rgb_clist_row(GtkWidget *clist, int row, int r, int g, int b);

void set_fg_rgb_clist_cell(GtkWidget *clist, int row, int col, int r, int g, int b);

void clist_select_row(GtkCList *clist, 
                      int       row,
                  int       column);

int clist_find_id(GtkWidget *clist,
              unsigned int unique_id,
              int *found_at);

int check_copy_DBs_to_home();

int jp_copy_file(char *src, char *dest);

/*search_gui.c */
void cb_search_gui(GtkWidget *widget, gpointer data);

/*install_gui.c */
int install_gui(GtkWidget *main_window, int w, int h, int x, int y);
/*install_gui.c */
int install_append_line(const char *line);

/*import_gui.c */
void import_gui(GtkWidget *main_window, GtkWidget *main_pane,
            char *type_desc[], int type_int[],
            int (*import_callback)(GtkWidget *parent_window,
                               const char *file_path, int type));
int import_record_ask(GtkWidget *main_window, GtkWidget *pane,
                  char *text, struct CategoryAppInfo *cai,
                  char *old_cat_name,
                  int priv, int suggested_cat_num, int *new_cat_num);

/* could be in dat.h or import.h */
#define DAT_TYPE_DATE    3
#define DAT_TYPE_REPEAT  8

/* Returns a dat type, or 0 */
int dat_check_if_dat_file(FILE *in);
int dat_get_appointments(FILE *in, AppointmentList **alist, struct CategoryAppInfo *ai);
int dat_get_addresses(FILE *in, AddressList **addrlist, struct CategoryAppInfo *ai);
int dat_get_todos(FILE *in, ToDoList **todolist, struct CategoryAppInfo *ai);
int dat_get_memos(FILE *in, MemoList **memolist, struct CategoryAppInfo *ai);

void free_search_record_list(struct search_record **sr);

int datebook_gui(GtkWidget *vbox, GtkWidget *hbox);
int address_gui(GtkWidget *vbox, GtkWidget *hbox);
int todo_gui(GtkWidget *vbox, GtkWidget *hbox);
int memo_gui(GtkWidget *vbox, GtkWidget *hbox);

int datebook_gui_cleanup();
int address_gui_cleanup();
int todo_gui_cleanup();
int memo_gui_cleanup();

void datebook_gui_setdate(int year, int month, int day);

 * Copy src string into dest while escaping quotes with double quotes.
 * dest could be as long as strlen(src)*2.
 * Return value is the number of chars written to dest.
int str_to_csv_str(char *dest, char *src);

 * Copy src string into dest while escaping carraige returns,
 * backslashes, commas and semicolons.  Also do line wrapping.
 * dest could be as long as strlen(src) * 2 + strlen(src) / 30.
 * Return value is the number of chars written to dest.
int str_to_ical_str(char *, int, char *);

 * Same as str_to_ical_str() except doesn't escape semicolons.
int str_to_vcard_str(char *, int, char *);

 * Parse the string and replace CR and LFs with spaces
void remove_cr_lfs(char *str);

 * Parse the string and replace CR and LFs with spaces
 * a null is written if len is reached
void lstrncpy_remove_cr_lfs(char *dest, char *src, int len);

 * Output LDIF format (RFC 2849) to file.
 * Name is name of item (e.g. "cn")
 * fmt ... is like printf.
void ldif_out(FILE *f, char *name, char *fmt, ...);

 * Output base64-encoded string to file
void base64_out(FILE *, char *);

void cleanup_path(char *path);

int add_days_to_date(struct tm *date, int n);

int sub_days_from_date(struct tm *date, int n);

int add_months_to_date(struct tm *date, int n);

int sub_months_from_date(struct tm *date, int n);

int add_years_to_date(struct tm *date, int n);

int sub_years_from_date(struct tm *date, int n);

/*from jpilot.c */
void cb_app_button(GtkWidget *widget, gpointer data);

void call_plugin_gui(int number, int unique_id);

/*datebook_gui */
int datebook_refresh(int first, int do_init);

/*address_gui */
int address_refresh();
int address_cycle_cat();
/*todo_gui */
int todo_refresh();
int todo_cycle_cat();

/*memo_gui */
int memo_refresh();
int memo_cycle_cat();

/* monthview_gui */
void monthview_gui(struct tm *date);

/* weekview_gui */
void weekview_gui(struct tm *date_in);

/* dialer.c */
int dialog_dial(GtkWindow *main_window, char *string, char *ext);

/* These are in utils.c for now */
 * DB_name should be without filename ext, e.g. MemoDB
 * num is the number of records counted returned.
int pdb_file_count_recs(char *DB_name, int *num);
 * DB_name should be without filename ext, e.g. MemoDB
 * uid_in the the unique ID to remove from the pdb file
int pdb_file_delete_record_by_id(char *DB_name, pi_uid_t uid_in);
 * DB_name should be without filename ext, e.g. MemoDB
 * uid_in the the unique ID to modify from the pdb file
 * the other parameters are set in the pdb file for this record.
int pdb_file_modify_record(char *DB_name, void *record_in, int size_in,
                     int attr_in, int cat_in, pi_uid_t uid_in);
 * DB_name should be without filename ext, e.g. MemoDB
 * uid is unique id in
 * bufp is a copy of the raw record (unpacked) and should be freed by caller
 * sizep is size of bufp returned
 * idxp is the index in the file rec was found
 * attrp is the attributes
 * catp is the category (index)
int pdb_file_read_record_by_id(char *DB_name, 
                         pi_uid_t uid,
                         void **bufp, int *sizep, int *idxp,
                         int *attrp, int * catp);
 * DB_name should be without filename ext, e.g. MemoDB
 * bufp is the packed app info block
 * size_in is the size of bufp
int pdb_file_write_app_block(char *DB_name, void *bufp, int size_in);

 * This copies the datebase (pdb, or prc) and writes the DBInfo privided
 * since there is no other way to set it in a file.
int pdb_file_write_dbinfo(char *DB_name, struct DBInfo *Pinfo_in);

void append_anni_years(char *desc, int max, struct tm *date,
                   struct Appointment *appt);
int get_highlighted_today(struct tm *date);

/* category.c */
 * widget is a widget inside the main window used to get main window handle
 * db_name should be without filename ext, e.g. MemoDB
 * cai is the category app info.  This should be unpacked by the user since
 * category unpack functions are database specific.
int edit_cats(GtkWidget *widget, char *db_name, struct CategoryAppInfo *cai);
 * This changes every record with index old_index and changes it to new_index
 * returns the number of record's categories changed.
int pdb_file_change_indexes(char *DB_name, int old_index, int new_index);
int edit_cats_change_cats_pc3(char *DB_name, int old_cat,
                        int new_cat);
int edit_cats_swap_cats_pc3(char *DB_name, int old_cat,
                      int new_cat);
int edit_cats_change_cats_pdb(char *DB_name, int old_cat, int new_cat);

int make_category_menu(GtkWidget **category_menu,
                   GtkWidget **cat_menu_item,
                   struct sorted_cats *sort_l,
                   void (*selection_callback)
                   (GtkWidget *item, int selection),
                   int add_an_all_item);

void multibyte_safe_strncpy(char *dst, char *src, size_t len);
char *multibyte_safe_memccpy(char *dst, const char *src, int c, size_t len);

 * convert char code 
/* host character set to Palm character set */
void charset_j2p(char *buf, int max_len, long char_set);

/* Palm character set to host character set */
void charset_p2j(char *buf, int max_len, int char_set);
char *charset_p2newj(const char *buf, int max_len, int char_set);

void jp_charset_p2j(char *buf, int max_len);
size_t jp_strftime(char *s, size_t max, const char *format, const struct tm *tm);

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